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What if you could make money just by talking with people?

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Everyone knows someone that owns, co-owns or makes decisions for a business, brand or organization, large or small.

These people are always looking for new ways to improve their business, better connect with customers and improve the overall look and presentation of their companies so that they can gain a competitive edge over any competition.

The challenge is sometimes they don't know where to look for help.

This is where you come in!

At S15 Designs, we are a creative studio and brand consultancy that can help a business improve their logo design, websites, branding and overall customer experience.

With S15 Connect, our client referral program, you now have easy access to connect these great people and their businesses with us and you get paid for just talking to them.

We get clients. They get help improving their business.  You get paid.

It's a win-win.

How it works

1. Talk to your boss, clients or friends in your network.

2. Connect us with them using the simple referral form below.

3. We will connect with them and do the rest.

4. You get paid. 

What kind of clients do we look for?

We work with a variety of different industries.

Our creative process is tailored to use the knowledge of the business owners or stakeholders and transfer that to us using a proven process that we document.

We like working companies who believe in what they do & want to deliver the best customer experience in terms of service, product, and overall brand.

Some ideal companies that we like to work with include:  

  • Online brands
  • Police, Fire, and Military veteran-owned companies
  • Professional or Semi-Professional Sports teams
  • Fitness companies including gyms, CrossFit, and supplements
  • Premium & specialty product brands (similar to Oakley, Go Pro, Hoyt)
  • Specialty Restaurants
  • Influencers

We can also do solid work for:  

  • City Government
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Doctor's offices
  • Attorneys offices
  • Marketing agencies
  • Real estate companies
  • Sign & printing companies
  • Business coaches
  • Architect firms

We are also willing to work out partnerships with companies that can connect us with more brands and company opportunities.

Why partner with S15 Designs?

  • We believe that purpose-driven, value-based companies and brands are the future.
  • We believe that building brand will outsell any "marketing tactic" any day of the week.
  • We understand that design isn't useful unless it serves a specific purpose.
  • We are straightforward and have no interest in selling something that won't help you get what you want.
  • We like to keep things simple as possible.
  • We like change and focus on the future in everything we do.
  • We like helping people achieve something bigger.
  • We try to under promise and over deliver. (We often work more hours on projects than we charge for because we want everything to be the best it can be before it leaves our office)
  • We are entrepreneurs 1st, branding experts, and designers 2nd.  We think like a business owner because we are one. 
  • We are the only creative agency in Joplin, Missouri that specializes in Logo design, branding and brand strategy.

How do I get paid?

A typical project for us is anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 depending on what needs to be done. 

We are offering you 10% for the solid lead.

So if you referred a someone who then hires us to build their website or design their brands materials like their logo, business cards, marketing materials and so on, you could earn anywhere from $300 to $1,000 just for referring them to us.

  • For Example: If your cousin Rick is starting a Coffee Company, he is going to need a logo, business cards, a website and some form of social media marketing that is right for his business. You talk to him about it and he gives you permission to refer him to S15 Designs with the form below.  Within a day or so, we reach out to him and ask him to come in for a Discovery meeting. (Discovery is a meeting or consultation where we can understand the purpose, goals, and vision for the business and see where we can help, at no cost to the potential client or Rick in this case.)  While speaking to Rick, he determines that needs an E-commerce website to sell products, a logo, business cards, brochures, product packaging, branded coffee cups, t-shirts, a vinyl wrap for his vehicle and wants us to design it all and develop all his branding. We then send him an estimate for let's say $8,075.00. When he pays us the full amount, we would pay you $807.50.

    When a client hires us and pays for their services, we will pay you 10% of the total payments that are paid to us by the client. When we receive a payment, we will pay you in the method of your choice, which can be:

    • Check
    • PayPal
    • Gift card to your store of choice

    Want to know more?

    Still have questions?

    Give us a call or send us a message, we would be happy to explain things better

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    Connect us with a great business.

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    Use the form below to send us the referral information.

    We will follow up with them within 24 to 48 hours. 

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